SCAE are delighted to announce this years’ winner of the Cezve/ Ibrik Championship as Davide Berti, from Italy. The 8th edition of the Cezve/ Ibrik Championship took place in Athens, Greece on the 6th of February 2015 and was a closely fought competition. The event, held in conjunction with HoReCa Expo Greece and Loumidis Papagalos, gathered 8 participants across Europe.

The semi-final scores were as follows:
8. Reinhard Grebien (Austria) – 201, 5 points

7. Viktor Kuznetsov (Russia) – 335, 5 points

6. Vadim Granovskiy (UK) – 361, 5 points

5. Julia Saichuk (Ukraine) – 403 points

4. Stavros Michael (Greece) – 420, 5 points

3. Ecaterina Szasz (Romania) – 427, 5 points

2. Davide Berti (Italy) – 438, 5 points

1. Hazal Atesoglu (Turkey) – 446, 5 points


The final scores were as follows:

3. Hazal Atesoglu (Turkey) – 405 points

2. Ecaterina Szasz (Romania) – 409, 5 points

1. Davide Berti (Italy) – 422, 5 points

Congratulations to all the competitors for a hugely successful event. The Championship is a wonderful showcase of both tradition and innovation, with a rich and passionate history. Just in case you missed these, here the former two World Champions are giving us the perfect ‘how-to’ brew guide to an excellent Ibrik coffee. Also, here you can find an article about the Ibrik history.