Filip Bartelak on the changes of the Cezve/ Ibrik Rules & Regulations, on behalf of the Cezve/ Ibrik Working Group

The Cezve/Ibrik Championships was established to promote and excel this method of preparation coffee. Cezve and “classical” ibrik are probably the most known methods of preparing coffee in the world. As SCAE, we wish to reward those who use this method properly and by this are promoting high-quality coffee and services around the world.

Recently we decided to review the existing rules and regulations of this championship and we came to the conclusion that some changes are necessary in order to properly evaluate process of preparation and quality of beverages served. Our intention was to keep the familiar language and modus operandi of the competition, in order to make this championship friendlier and more accessible. We have decided to keep the same table setup as for other competitions, as to not create problems with hardware for future organizers of this events.

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