Project Description

Marina Khuyppenen
Cezve Coffee


Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am Marina Khuyppenen, and I have been using cezve for for over 7 years. I own a chain of coffee shops in Moscow called Cezve Coffee. This year is going to be my fifth time to represent my country at the Cezve/Ibrik Championship. I love to improve my profession and work hard to improve quality.

Please list the coffee competitions you have participated in, what year they took place, and your results.

Participated in the Cezve/Ibrik Championship at world level in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. In 2017 I  ranked third at the 2017 Cezve/Ibrik Championship in Budapest .

What was your first amazing experience with coffee?:

It’s hard to remember what exactly the first experience was—but it was 12 years ago. That year I was surprised at how you can transform the tastes and perceptions of coffee if it is ground with modern equipment.

What’s the secret to a great Cezve/Ibrik beverage?:

The biggest secret to cezve is using a delicious coffee, and discovering the art of dialling it in the right way.

What coffee-producing country most interests or excites you?:

I love coffee from Panama, especially with the huge amount of research in the area—it is making the coffee all the more surprising.

What are your interests outside of coffee?:

My greatest passions are cooking and tasting.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?:

In five years I would like to see my company, Cezve Coffee, become a large international chain of shops with great coffee, in constant collaboration with farmers, and producing the best cezve drinks.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or recognise, or who helped you to prepare for the CIC?:

My husband; Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo, and Dr. Lucas Louzada Pereira; my colleagues; everyone at Westgate for the opportunity to work on the equipment Centurion Scientific; and my mentor, Valentine Mosunova.