2017 Competitors

Greece WCIC

Dionisis Moustis
Sapid Roasting Company

Dionisis Moustis




Simone Cattani
Coffee Training Academy

I’m Simone Cattani, I was born and live in Verona, north-east of Italy. I’m 37 years old and about 20 years ago I started my career in horeca world. But only 4 years ago I found my big passion for the coffee world, I met my coach Davide and the Street of coffee quality.


Panama geisha “la camilina” 2017, 1 Place Italian Ibrik competition
I think it was in 2014 at my first competition… 
 I love the Kenyan coffee, but i’m very interested in all the new processes to create beautiful coffee
My family and I love sport, volleyball in particular
I prefer to live day by day because everyday is a new amazing experience
My family first, my coach Davide, my roaster and all my sponsors and persons that help me for this competition.
Live this WOC and visit this beautiful city

Saudi Arabia
Sara Al-Ali
That Coffeeshop

First female professional Barista in Saudi. Co-owner of a pop-up Coffeeshop “That Coffeeshop”




3rd place MENA Cezve/Ibrik Championship 2015

6th Place 2016 Cezve/Ibrik championship 2016

2nd Place MENA Cezve/Ibrik Championship 2016   

I have a lot of amazing experiences with coffee and it all started when I had my first training as a barista   
The way you control heat throughout the brewing process
A source of inspiration & leading figure in the coffee industry, especially in the MENA region 
Sightseeing and visiting local coffeeshops. 

United Arab Emirates
Karthikeyan Rajendram
RAW Coffee Company

Karthikeyan Rajendram


2016 Cezve Ibrik Championship – 3rd Place

2014 UAE Ibrik Championship – Winner

2015 UAE Ibrik Championship – Winner

2016 UAE Ibrik Championship – Winner

2015 UAE Barista Champonship – 3rd place

2015 UAE Latte Art Championship – 3rd Place    

Its a Kenyan espresso I tasted 5 years before in a very small warehouse, where they roast coffees. That espresso was actually an eye opening experience for me and changed my ideas on coffee taste. Which actually pulled me into this scene.  
I believe that a great Cezve/Ibrik beverage has no secrets, a coffee bean has massive flavours locked in them, and the Ibrik method is a key to unlock these flavours. As a barista we have to understand the variables in the Ibrik and use them brilliantly.
Obviously its an Ethiopia. Other than the coffee itself the farmers who grow the Coffee plants really excites me. Especially the farmer whom I am working with for last couple of yeas. how much they love the plant and understood the nature i something that never failed to excite me.
Watching Tom And Jerry, and chemistry experiments.    
 I want be a person who stays with farmers and give them ideas on increasing the flavor potential coffee. As an ambassador for the coffee industry  
Meet a lot of coffee professionals and share knowledge. Educate people about special features of Cezve Coffee.